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Twitter mobilde calls a new share button instead of the “retweet” button


For Twitter, 2016 was a pretty jerky year. While maintaining the company’s future uncertainty, Twitter did not make a major change in its main product. Retweet got its share from Twitter’s most used functions

Twitter added a retweet feature to its retweet button at the beginning of this year. The impact of your feature is limited, but Twitter may have hid a novelty at the end of the year. For the first time today, Twitter’s change to mobile app shows that Twitter is trying a new retweet button on the mobile.

Retweet or share ?

The new retweet button design, which Twitter has tested in iOS, is quite different from the currently used retweet button. Angled formattan is a completely rounded design, turning Twitter into a symbol of directional arrow settled for an apartment. The retweet button, however, is now increasingly limited to two functions, “retweet” or “quoting the tweet”. In addition, the new retweet button allows you to perform four different functions, “share via direct message” and “share with …”. These features and the changing design remind us of the question of the key and the name of the function that will not remain as retweets. It was no surprise that a Twitter that renewed its product with the concern of popularity had this button “Share” or “Sharing” button.

The new retweet button is similar to the button we are currently using, with a number next to it in Twitter’s timeline. However, we do not know whether this number is retweeting or not. There is no official statement made by Twitter on this topic.


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