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Microsoft Edge will block Adobe Flash content


Adobe Flash continues to lose every day. Today, Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Edge browser will block Flash content.

The feature that will come with the new Microsoft Edge update will automatically block Adobe Flash content. Of course, Microsoft, who also thinks about Internet sites that have Flash content, has shared it with Blog, and stated that Flash content can be used one time or at any time provided that it is allowed.

Indicating that the Edge browser will be faster, safer and less battery-consuming, thanks to this step, Microsoft says that Windows Insiders will have the right to use this feature early on.

Adobe Flash content is automatically blocked by many Internet browsers due to the security vulnerabilities and performance losses they have. Chrome, Firefox and Safari, the leading browsers of the Internet world, took this step in the past.

Microsoft, one of the companies that accelerated the acquisition of Adobe Flash with this decision, said that the user experience of the Edge Internet browser will grow even better with the coming Windows 10 Creator’s update next year. Microsoft added that web developers need to work on JavaScript and HTML5.


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