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Life Saving Details in Web Design


Use the power of colors !

Colors are a big prey. An example why Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn are using blue? Because blue is symbolize sky, sea and confidence.

Use W3C validator !

W3C the World Wide Web Consortium have some rules. We can see smurfs if we follow them. You can validate your website here : W3C validator

Flash is just a name of a series!

Don NOT use Flash, whatever happens! Because this dude slows our websites and we can build what we want with HTML5 :/

Compress images and files!

This is the last one, almost everyone can have a fast internet connection, but no browser likes to open a hundred uncompressed large photos. So either use the scroll load method method or minimize the size of the images, for example, reduce the size of a preview image through a program and save it.


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