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Instagram has launched the live broadcast feature


Instagram’s live broadcast feature, introduced in November, was launched. For now, the feature offered only for the US will soon be available for other countries.

Every day, the site has added new features to increase the popularity of Instagram has added a live broadcast feature. The live broadcast feature that comes up against incoming update will be used from the stories part of Instagram. When we look at the update from a different country, we see the phrase “Live stories (coming soon!)”. Live broadcasting is quite easy; The user who reaches the camera section by sliding the screen can start broadcasting by selecting the live option.

Watchers will be able to join live broadcasts with comments and likes just as they do with other live broadcast applications. The application will notify live broadcast notifications of accounts that the user is most interested with a certain algorithm. It is useful to follow these notices well because Instagram’s live broadcast feature will work with Snapchat’s logic. You may be aware of the live broadcasts of the accounts you follow from Instagram’s discovery section.


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