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Google Drive will make it easy to switch from iOS to Android


The war between the two largest mobile operating systems in the world continues. Google responds to Apple via Google Drive, which facilitates the transition process with the Move to iOS app. With new updates coming in today, Google Drive takes the transition from iOS to Android by backing up three domains.

Google Drive, which can receive one-click contacts, calendar and photo / video backups with incoming updates, records your backed up Google account. The system works quite simply. Google Drive saves your files by selecting Backup from the settings section of the Google Drive app. When we go to a new Android phone, we enter our Gmail address, then the Google Drive app asks if we want to transfer your backups to the new phone.

Of course, the length of the backup will vary depending on the file size you have, so Google recommends connecting your device to the internet via Wifi and plugged in. Also note that Google Drive does not get a backup of your music library, your phone settings, and your messages.

Of course, you do not have to use the incoming features only for the transition process. IOS users can also use Google Drive‘s new features to make it easy to back up.


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