Home Business Google bought smart-time platform Cronologics

Google bought smart-time platform Cronologics


Google has acquired Cronologics, an initiative that works on intelligent watches and aims to be an operating system platform for smart clocks. The initiative will now try to help grow the intelligent clock family working with Android Wear.

With Cronologics joining the Google team, the developer preview version is expected to be effective in the next version of Android Wear 2.0 and later.

The founders of the initiative, Lan Rcohe, Leor Stern and John Lagerling and another important detail, these three founding partners must have been working in Google’s business development department before. After leaving Google, the trio, who founded Cronologics, sold their companies back to Google and went under the Google umbrella again. The founding partners have integrated important things, such as co-worker CoWatch, to market with Amazon’s Alexa, after they left Google.


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