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Google begins removing racist search suggestions


We know that Google searches are not as innocent as they seem. Google eventually intervened. While the distinctions in the Aramaic period came at a time, the most serious criticism Google faced was a Sunday publication of The Observer.

When the “Jews” were written, “devil?” When the Muslims were written, they came out as “terrorists?” this shows that most people have a great prejudice because the search proposals seem to be based on their search for the majority.

As always in Google’s description, it’s enough to say that the results do not reflect the company’s political vision. With the article coming out loud and being shared by different media organizations, Google was aware of the end. Removing suggestions for completion, Google has not yet fully explained how it responds to the problem. Google’s sensitivity to calls is very important in preventing prejudices from being kept alive. In our opinion, Google should develop an algorithm as soon as possible and block these.


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