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First mobile Super Mario game released


Nintendo’s first mobile game, Super Mario Run, was released on App Store on December 15th, as expected, bringing Super Mario to the iPhone and iPads.

The first striking feature of Super Mario Run, which is available for free in the Starter Edition, is that it has an innovative line with graphics and animations, while it can watch 8-bit or retro games fashion. It can be seen that Super Mario, first published in 1985, continues to progress in this respect; The game’s fiction does not go out of the Super Mario classic.

You are interested in making artistic movements while jumping, jumping longer, or jumping as Mario rushes. So while the game is mobile, you can discover the rich content; Instead of falling into the potholes of your effort, you are able to deal with the boxes above. This feature of Super Mario Run can make it more easy for lovers of mobile games. Super Mario Run is a game that hardcore players can finish in a day.

The real purpose of the game is not to save Princess Peach

Toad Rally part of Super Mario Run can be a bit of a challenge deficit. If you are impressed enough to compete for points in your quest to compete against your opponents, you can collect Toad and make them live in your kingdom. The game Kingdom Builder is the part where you build your kingdom. In this section you can do as many as you want, and you will earn high points in Toad Rally, and your Toad collection is connected. You can buy decorations or houses for your kingdom with the points you collect, interact with objects you buy, play bonus parts of the game


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