Home Tech Facebook announces Live 360 service, enabling 360-degree broadcast

Facebook announces Live 360 service, enabling 360-degree broadcast


360 degree videos, one of the most important building blocks of the virtual reality field, continue to become widespread. Facebook announced the Live 360 service, which allows 360-degree live broadcasts. Offering 360 degree video and live broadcast support during the past period, Facebook combines the features offered by Live 360 service.

National Geographic will conduct 360-degree live broadcasts from the research area, researching astronauts who will go to Mars in a private facility in Utah.

National Geographic has invited us to this journey through its business alliance with Facebook, which aims to imitate Mars precisely and identify astronauts’ future troubles. Emphasizing that the publications are 360 degrees, it will be quite drifting, and Facebook will announce the first publication tomorrow on the National Geographic Facebook page.

Live 360, which will be very popular with Facebook users who are particularly interested in space and Mars, seems to be upsetting users who want to broadcast. Live 360, which will allow only certain pages to be broadcast in the coming months, will be available for all Facebook members in 2017 even if the exact date is unknown.


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